Theses and Independent Studies

I have worked with graduate and undergraduate students on a variety of topics:

  • Rebecca Gruby, Duke University, PhD Thesis: Undercurrents: Multi-Scaled Ocean Governance in Micronesia, 2012, External Reviewer
  • Rose Waltz-Peters, Honors Thesis: For the Love of Carrots and Community: Examining The Food Project’s Youth Engagement in the Context of Dominant Discourses about Food and Health, High Honors, 2012, Supervisor
  • Ahdi Mohammed, Honors Thesis: Land Grabs in Ethiopia, 2012-13 and Independent Study: Civil Society and the Green Economy, High Honors, 2012, Supervisor
  • Yiting Wang, Honors Thesis: Clean Stoves for Carbon Mitigation and Rural Livelihoods: The Political Ecology of Carbon Offsets in Western Kenya, Summa Cum Laude, 2011, Supervisor
  • Melissa Rice, Honors Thesis: Narrative Analysis of Indigenous Forest People and Tiger Conservation in India, High Honors, 2011-2012, Supervisor
  • Hannah Kyer, Independent Study: Data Mining for a Qualitative Assessment of Rio+20, 2013, Using Geographic Information Systems to Map Property Rights in Water Bodies, 2014
  • Iman Abubaker, Independent Study: Global Governance and Green Economy, 2013
  • Julianna Lord, Independent Study, Civil Society and the Green Economy and Global Environmental Governance: An Ethnographic Lens, 2012-13
  • Angela Kim, Independent Study: Green Economy Discourses for Rio+20, 2011-12
  • Emma Puka-Beals, Independent Studies: 1) Language and Power in the Green Economy; and 2) Civil Society Participation in Shaping Rio+20, 2011-12
  • Bridget Brady, Independent Studies: 1) Monitoring Illegal Logging: An Methodological Assessment and 2) Civil Society in International Environmental Governance, 2011-2012
  • Iliana Paul, Independent Study: Reconciling the Two Faces of Reducing Emissions for Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), 2011
  • Seyyada Burney, Honors Thesis: Identity, Self and the Politics of Home Making among South Asian Women in Kuwait, Summa Cum Laude, 2013, Member of Thesis Committee
  • Ohemaa Poku, Honors Thesis: Awaawaa Tuu: “I Open My Arms and Embrace You:” Addressing the Impediments on Special Education in Order to Embrace Disabled Students in Ghana, Honors, 2013, Member of Thesis Committee
  • Hannah Khouri, Honors Thesis: Involuntary Displacement and the Belo Monte Dam: Changes in Self-Perception of the Volta Grande’s Displaced Riverine Peasants, Honors, 2013, Member of Thesis Committee
  • Elise Cavicchi, Honors Thesis: Appalachian Sacred Harp, Sense of Place, and Community, High Honors, 2015, Member of Thesis Committee